A Tale of Two Sisters

Retrieving an Axe Part 2

Finding the axe, unexpected demands

-Still exploring tomb
-Barbarian and ? don’t want to deal with the undead and leave the dungeon
-Find lots of treasure
-Trick magic face into saying “fountain”, opening secret door to more treasure
-In big throne room, face down Wight (apparent ruler of dungeon). Maethil manages to miss (a lot)
– Find corpse of Mark Twohands with axe. On his body also find a note telling him to bring the axe to the entrance of this tomb (not during full moon) to get payed 1000gp
- Leave tomb, confronted by figures (elves?) in the shadows. They demand the axe “for the good of all elves”. Offer to pay.
- Sisters refuse, flee after being shot at by arrows
- With ranger’s help, manage to get away by hiding in a small gulley
- Head overland back toward Croyden
- Encounter a treant in the forest. He is friendly and warns the sisters of “half elves who slaughtered the wolves”
- Make it back to Croyden, Cestil heals Andre’s wound from when they fought the wolves



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