A Tale of Two Sisters

Return to Hoerk (Session 4)

Festival Time!

- Holbeck Festival, celebrating the trade between the city and the dwarves
- Participated in games
– Archery (participated, won fletching lessons)
– Trench digging (didn’t participate). Was a druid using an elemental to dig for her.
– Dwarven Maze (gave up)
– Piglett-wrangling, (the sisters won an underway pass). Mark twohands competed (and cheated, attacked sisters in alley). Druid lady competed.
- Saw demonstration of new pneumatic drill by dwarf artificer
- Asked visiting dwarf noble (Korgash) about the axe they had found
- Slept in the tent city at the outskirts of town
- Woke up to find axe stolen
- Believed it stolen by Korgash
- Informed sheriff of stolen axe
- Banned from an Inn for being rude to the owner (tried to be let into Korgash’s room to look for axe)



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