A Tale of Two Sisters

Trouble in Croyden Part 1 (Session 1)

A Haunted Mansion

Along with Jarek, Cestil and Maethil arrived at Croyden. They settled in and got a room at the Mimi Bates‘s Croyden Inn. After asking around they met with Maggie Carr, the town leader. She explained that there had been a massive migration of hundreds of wolves toward Croyden from the northeast, and that the wolves had been killing livestock and attacking villagers. Several hunters and woodsmen had gone missing and were presumed victims of the wolves. The locals have seen a large white wolf apparently leading the packs in their attacks. They believe that if the alpha wolf were to be killed, the rest of the pack would break apart or flee, leaving the town alone. The sisters also heard a rumor that the Old Barett Place, an abandoned inn a few miles down the road, was haunted. Ric Bates, owner of the town’s general store, was offering an additional bounty of 2gp for each intact wolf pelt brought to him.

The sisters decided to investigate the Old Barett Place. They found the ground floor of the old stone Inn abandoned, but in the basement they found a poorly-hidden door opening into a series of underground caverns. They found those caverns to be infested with Kobolds! After slaughtering half a dozen of the creatures and Cestil falling down a cleverly-concealed pit trap, they found a cavern full of chained-up humans. They had found the missing townsfolk! At this point they decided to escort the freed prisoners back to town, and to return later to finish clearing out the kobolds.

Upon the sisters’ return to town the townsfolk, overjoyed to have their missing family and friends returned throw a huge party, hailing them as heroes. When the sisters awake the next morning, they find that Jarek has already continued on the road over the Silverpeak Mountains



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