A Tale of Two Sisters

The Road to Croyden (Session 1)

Bandits and a New Friend

On the road searching for word of their father, our two sisters found themselves in the town of Holbeck. While there, they heard that the outlying town of Croyden was having trouble with wolves, and that there was a reward for helping with the problem. They learned from Sheriff Hoerk that if they returned from Croyden with proof of having resolved the problem, they were entitled to a 200gp reward from the local town council. Excited by the prospect of wealth and adventure, Maethil and Cestil agreed and left for the five-day journey to Croyden. On their way out the door, the Sheriff warned that there had been bandit activity on the road of late, and that they should be wary.

Three days into the journey, they discovered in the middle of the road an overturned trading cart, empty of any trade goods. Curious, they followed some tracks from the road into a nearby wooded gully. Here they stumbled across the camp of a trio of bandits who had apparently ambushed a traveling merchant (the sisters could see a man tied to a tree) near the bandits. After a brief fight, all three bandits were dead, and their prisoner had been rescued. As he gathered his looted belongings, he introduced himself as Jarek, and as way of thanks he provided the sisters with a pair of healing potions he pulled from a secret compartment in the bottom of one of his chests. Maethil and Cestil helped Jarek get his belongings back into his cart (and caught and re-hitched his horse). Since they were all traveling to Croyden, they decided to travel together, during which time Cestil became rather smitten with Jarek. The rest of the trip to town was (with the exception of Cestil’s flirting) uneventful



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