A Tale of Two Sisters

Retrieving an Axe Part 1

An ancient ruin

-Approached by sheriff the next day, informed that Mark Twohands was seen with their axe heading out of town on the underway road
-Meet up with Dwarf Ranger (Salad), Barbarian(Noelle), and ?(Adam) in town, hired them to help hunt down the axe
-Headed out along road on foot
-Around sunset, encountered traveling caravan coming from underway. They had seen Mark, who headed off into the nearby woods (toward a known tomb that opened during full moons, like that night)
-Investigated and found tomb open, fresh bloodstains leading down steps as though someone was dragged down
-Began exploring tomb
– Lots of undead (ghouls, zombies, skeletons)
– more bloodstains
– Maethil fell down more pit traps
-Find some treasure
– Weird magic face (nearby goblin graffiti said “The password is fountain”



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