A Tale of Two Sisters

Trouble in Croyden Part 2 (Session 2)

Dealing with the Wolves

The day after rescuing the townsfolk from the kobolds, the sisters finally decided to try to deal with the wolf problem, and so set off to track down and kill the alpha wolf.

Andre, a young hunter, volunteered to be the sisters’ guide in trying to track down the alpha wolf. He lead thems off to the northeast of Croyden. Andre claimed to know of a cave in that direction that he believes to be the den of the alpha wolf that they are tracking. On their way, they get attacked by a small pack of mangy, half-starved wolves, and manage to fight them off.

After the first fight with the wolves, an elf emerged from the wood and approached the sisters. She introduced herself as Tinelef, a druid. She claims that the wolves that have been bothering the town were actually driven out of the mountains by something else, and that simply slaughtering them would disrupt the balance of nature even more than it already had been. Instead she proposed that they collect the spoor from a nearby owlbear nest, and use that to scare the wolves away from the area without harming them. The sisters dismissed this idea and continued with their plan to simply kill the alpha, to which Andre agreed.

After several more hours searching through the forest, they came at just before dusk to the cave that Andre had been leading them to. They found the area crawling with half-starved wolves, led by a white-furred brute of a wolf that could only be the alpha of the pack. After a furious battle, during which Andre got injured, they managed to defeat the wolves in the immediate area. Being exhausted and nearly dark, they decide to rest for the night in the cave that had been serving as the alpha wolf’s den. They woke in the middle of the moonlight night to find their cave completely surrounded by hundreds of wolves. The wolves nuzzled the body of the alpha wolf and let out a bone-chilling howl before turning and disappearing into the darkness to the northwest.

In the morning they searched through the corpses and bones in the cave and find an axe inscribed with Dwarven runes and a well-crafted longbow. They then headed back toward town.



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