A Tale of Two Sisters

Trouble in Croyden Part 3 (Session 3)

Return to the Mansion

The sisters returned to Croyden with the injured Andre in tow, ready to inform the town of their success in wiping out the wolf threat. Only they found when they got back that Maggie Carr is missing, apparently carried off in the night by kobolds. They left Andre to be cared for in the town and then headed off promptly to the Old Barett Place.

They fought their way back into the caverns and mines under the inn (apparently they hadn’t completly cleared them out the first time), and manage to fall into the same pit trap that caught them by surprise the previous time.

In the depths of the caves they confront a kobold sorcerer named Bozak, who seemed to claim that all of his actions are just in revenge for how his people were treated. Not wanting to listen to the crazy lizard, the sisters attacked and defeated him and his followers, and found Maggie tied up in the back of the cave. They rescued her and looted Bozak of a number of magical scrolls.

On their way back to town, they found the road blocked by a large and grumpy looking boar. When they approached the boar charged them, goring with its tusks. After fighting packs of wolves and crazed kobold sorcerers, the sisters were nearly defeated by a large angry pig, but they did manage to prevail in the end.

Upon their return to town, Maggie Carr provided the town’s new heroes with a signed and sealed document to provide to Sheriff Hoerk as proof of having dealt with the wolf problem. The then returned to Holbeck and saw Sheriff Hoerk who gave them their 200gp reward. As an unexpected bonus, apparently Maggie Carr had also requested that the sisters be given the deed to the Old Barett Place for their actions in helping deal with the kobolds.



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