A Tale of Two Sisters

Retrieving an Axe Part 2
Finding the axe, unexpected demands

-Still exploring tomb
-Barbarian and ? don’t want to deal with the undead and leave the dungeon
-Find lots of treasure
-Trick magic face into saying “fountain”, opening secret door to more treasure
-In big throne room, face down Wight (apparent ruler of dungeon). Maethil manages to miss (a lot)
– Find corpse of Mark Twohands with axe. On his body also find a note telling him to bring the axe to the entrance of this tomb (not during full moon) to get payed 1000gp
- Leave tomb, confronted by figures (elves?) in the shadows. They demand the axe “for the good of all elves”. Offer to pay.
- Sisters refuse, flee after being shot at by arrows
- With ranger’s help, manage to get away by hiding in a small gulley
- Head overland back toward Croyden
- Encounter a treant in the forest. He is friendly and warns the sisters of “half elves who slaughtered the wolves”
- Make it back to Croyden, Cestil heals Andre’s wound from when they fought the wolves

Retrieving an Axe Part 1
An ancient ruin

-Approached by sheriff the next day, informed that Mark Twohands was seen with their axe heading out of town on the underway road
-Meet up with Dwarf Ranger (Salad), Barbarian(Noelle), and ?(Adam) in town, hired them to help hunt down the axe
-Headed out along road on foot
-Around sunset, encountered traveling caravan coming from underway. They had seen Mark, who headed off into the nearby woods (toward a known tomb that opened during full moons, like that night)
-Investigated and found tomb open, fresh bloodstains leading down steps as though someone was dragged down
-Began exploring tomb
– Lots of undead (ghouls, zombies, skeletons)
– more bloodstains
– Maethil fell down more pit traps
-Find some treasure
– Weird magic face (nearby goblin graffiti said “The password is fountain”

Return to Hoerk (Session 4)
Festival Time!

- Holbeck Festival, celebrating the trade between the city and the dwarves
- Participated in games
– Archery (participated, won fletching lessons)
– Trench digging (didn’t participate). Was a druid using an elemental to dig for her.
– Dwarven Maze (gave up)
– Piglett-wrangling, (the sisters won an underway pass). Mark twohands competed (and cheated, attacked sisters in alley). Druid lady competed.
- Saw demonstration of new pneumatic drill by dwarf artificer
- Asked visiting dwarf noble (Korgash) about the axe they had found
- Slept in the tent city at the outskirts of town
- Woke up to find axe stolen
- Believed it stolen by Korgash
- Informed sheriff of stolen axe
- Banned from an Inn for being rude to the owner (tried to be let into Korgash’s room to look for axe)

Trouble in Croyden Part 3 (Session 3)
Return to the Mansion

The sisters returned to Croyden with the injured Andre in tow, ready to inform the town of their success in wiping out the wolf threat. Only they found when they got back that Maggie Carr is missing, apparently carried off in the night by kobolds. They left Andre to be cared for in the town and then headed off promptly to the Old Barett Place.

They fought their way back into the caverns and mines under the inn (apparently they hadn’t completly cleared them out the first time), and manage to fall into the same pit trap that caught them by surprise the previous time.

In the depths of the caves they confront a kobold sorcerer named Bozak, who seemed to claim that all of his actions are just in revenge for how his people were treated. Not wanting to listen to the crazy lizard, the sisters attacked and defeated him and his followers, and found Maggie tied up in the back of the cave. They rescued her and looted Bozak of a number of magical scrolls.

On their way back to town, they found the road blocked by a large and grumpy looking boar. When they approached the boar charged them, goring with its tusks. After fighting packs of wolves and crazed kobold sorcerers, the sisters were nearly defeated by a large angry pig, but they did manage to prevail in the end.

Upon their return to town, Maggie Carr provided the town’s new heroes with a signed and sealed document to provide to Sheriff Hoerk as proof of having dealt with the wolf problem. The then returned to Holbeck and saw Sheriff Hoerk who gave them their 200gp reward. As an unexpected bonus, apparently Maggie Carr had also requested that the sisters be given the deed to the Old Barett Place for their actions in helping deal with the kobolds.

Trouble in Croyden Part 2 (Session 2)
Dealing with the Wolves

The day after rescuing the townsfolk from the kobolds, the sisters finally decided to try to deal with the wolf problem, and so set off to track down and kill the alpha wolf.

Andre, a young hunter, volunteered to be the sisters’ guide in trying to track down the alpha wolf. He lead thems off to the northeast of Croyden. Andre claimed to know of a cave in that direction that he believes to be the den of the alpha wolf that they are tracking. On their way, they get attacked by a small pack of mangy, half-starved wolves, and manage to fight them off.

After the first fight with the wolves, an elf emerged from the wood and approached the sisters. She introduced herself as Tinelef, a druid. She claims that the wolves that have been bothering the town were actually driven out of the mountains by something else, and that simply slaughtering them would disrupt the balance of nature even more than it already had been. Instead she proposed that they collect the spoor from a nearby owlbear nest, and use that to scare the wolves away from the area without harming them. The sisters dismissed this idea and continued with their plan to simply kill the alpha, to which Andre agreed.

After several more hours searching through the forest, they came at just before dusk to the cave that Andre had been leading them to. They found the area crawling with half-starved wolves, led by a white-furred brute of a wolf that could only be the alpha of the pack. After a furious battle, during which Andre got injured, they managed to defeat the wolves in the immediate area. Being exhausted and nearly dark, they decide to rest for the night in the cave that had been serving as the alpha wolf’s den. They woke in the middle of the moonlight night to find their cave completely surrounded by hundreds of wolves. The wolves nuzzled the body of the alpha wolf and let out a bone-chilling howl before turning and disappearing into the darkness to the northwest.

In the morning they searched through the corpses and bones in the cave and find an axe inscribed with Dwarven runes and a well-crafted longbow. They then headed back toward town.

Trouble in Croyden Part 1 (Session 1)
A Haunted Mansion

Along with Jarek, Cestil and Maethil arrived at Croyden. They settled in and got a room at the Mimi Bates‘s Croyden Inn. After asking around they met with Maggie Carr, the town leader. She explained that there had been a massive migration of hundreds of wolves toward Croyden from the northeast, and that the wolves had been killing livestock and attacking villagers. Several hunters and woodsmen had gone missing and were presumed victims of the wolves. The locals have seen a large white wolf apparently leading the packs in their attacks. They believe that if the alpha wolf were to be killed, the rest of the pack would break apart or flee, leaving the town alone. The sisters also heard a rumor that the Old Barett Place, an abandoned inn a few miles down the road, was haunted. Ric Bates, owner of the town’s general store, was offering an additional bounty of 2gp for each intact wolf pelt brought to him.

The sisters decided to investigate the Old Barett Place. They found the ground floor of the old stone Inn abandoned, but in the basement they found a poorly-hidden door opening into a series of underground caverns. They found those caverns to be infested with Kobolds! After slaughtering half a dozen of the creatures and Cestil falling down a cleverly-concealed pit trap, they found a cavern full of chained-up humans. They had found the missing townsfolk! At this point they decided to escort the freed prisoners back to town, and to return later to finish clearing out the kobolds.

Upon the sisters’ return to town the townsfolk, overjoyed to have their missing family and friends returned throw a huge party, hailing them as heroes. When the sisters awake the next morning, they find that Jarek has already continued on the road over the Silverpeak Mountains

The Road to Croyden (Session 1)
Bandits and a New Friend

On the road searching for word of their father, our two sisters found themselves in the town of Holbeck. While there, they heard that the outlying town of Croyden was having trouble with wolves, and that there was a reward for helping with the problem. They learned from Sheriff Hoerk that if they returned from Croyden with proof of having resolved the problem, they were entitled to a 200gp reward from the local town council. Excited by the prospect of wealth and adventure, Maethil and Cestil agreed and left for the five-day journey to Croyden. On their way out the door, the Sheriff warned that there had been bandit activity on the road of late, and that they should be wary.

Three days into the journey, they discovered in the middle of the road an overturned trading cart, empty of any trade goods. Curious, they followed some tracks from the road into a nearby wooded gully. Here they stumbled across the camp of a trio of bandits who had apparently ambushed a traveling merchant (the sisters could see a man tied to a tree) near the bandits. After a brief fight, all three bandits were dead, and their prisoner had been rescued. As he gathered his looted belongings, he introduced himself as Jarek, and as way of thanks he provided the sisters with a pair of healing potions he pulled from a secret compartment in the bottom of one of his chests. Maethil and Cestil helped Jarek get his belongings back into his cart (and caught and re-hitched his horse). Since they were all traveling to Croyden, they decided to travel together, during which time Cestil became rather smitten with Jarek. The rest of the trip to town was (with the exception of Cestil’s flirting) uneventful


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